Republicans control the Virginia legislature not because they represent a majority of voters in Virginia, but because the GOP and conservative groups have worked to implement voter suppression tactics such as Voter ID laws, limiting early voting and absentee ballots, closing polling places, limiting the number of voting machines in Democratic leaning precincts, increasing felony convictions, and above all, using software and closed-door partisan redistricting committees to gerrymander states.

They now want to take these efforts to the next level by claiming that the United States has a voter fraud problem, by tightening Voter ID requirements, and by launching a new war on drugs to boost felony convictions. They would even like to roll back citizenship for Latino voters.


By law, the states have to redistrict every ten years, in the year following the U.S. Census. “Gerrymandering is the deliberate manipulation of legislative district boundaries to advantage or benefit a particular party or group, or to cause disadvantage or harm to an opposing party or group.”


    • One Virginia 2021 is a nonpartisan nonprofit that has produced the excellent GerryRigged documentary about gerrymandering the Commonwealth. Watch it.
    • National Democratic Redistricting Committee¬†Chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder, the NDRC is building a targeted, state-by-state strategy that ensures Democrats can fight back and produce fairer maps in the 2021 redistricting process.

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