Current Ltd. Governor of Virginia. Endorsed by many Democratic politicians.


Woman’s Reproductive Rights
  • Pro Choice and fighting Republican efforts to shame women seeking an abortion
  • Jobs: Supports $15 minimum wage
  • Backs same sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.
  • For gun control such as assault weapons ban and background checks.


“It’s more important than ever that we elect a governor who won’t just have our backs, but who will fight every day to advance the rights of women to make their own decisions and chart their own destinies for themselves and their families. Ralph Northam is that candidate, and I’m proud to support his campaign for governor.” — Barbara Favola, VA State Senator (read more)

“Voting a year after the presidential election, Virginians usually swing to the party that has just lost the White House. Northam, I believe, offers Democrats their best chance for continuing that trend, and the right balance of continuity and change: continuing the pragmatic progressive agenda of McAuliffe, Warner and Kaine, while serving as the anti-Trump both in substance and in style. — Paul Begala (read more)


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