Jill Vogel

Her law firm “…has been on the forefront of funneling dark money into our elections in states around the nation.” Paul Ryan, Common Cause.


Her Record

She sponsored a 2012 bill that would have required most women who get abortions to first undergo a vaginal ultrasound.

Opposed common sense gun laws

Vogel said cities and towns should not be allowed to “erase history” by removing Confederate monuments.

She indicated that she would not support further restrictions on abortion rights.

Supports gay rights, medical marijuana and nonpartisan redistricting.

Patron of a bill to amend the constitution to continue to allow the GeneralAssembly to draw voting districts

(Washington Post)

Can Ronnie Win?

2015 She ran unopposed.

2011 Margin of victory was 75% Vogel to 23%. She crushed it against underdog Shaun Broy who filed as an Independent before switching to Democrat. (Winchester Star)

2007 Margin of victory was only 2%, her first election. Vogel ran for the open seat against Democrat Karen Schultz, she raised $1.7 million in a race where more than $3 million was spent.

Further Reading

Law firm of Jill Vogel, candidate for lieutenant governor, specializes in dark money (Richmond Times Dispatch,  Sep 4, 2017)