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Wendy has been adopted by Democracy for America and she is participating in the Plus3 initiative.

Wendy Gooditis is a long time resident of Clarke County. An equestrian, mother, and real estate agent, Wendy says she decided to run for the Virginia House of Delegates in response to the destructive politics coming out of Washington, D.C. She has a Master’s degree in education, and having home schooled her daughter, she is committed to strengthening public education.

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Key Issues

  • Public Education
  • Woman’s reproductive rights
  • Environmental protection
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Immigration Rights

THunderdome Endorsements

“I’ve met Wendy and I like her. She came to a Swing Left event David and I hosted. She is committed to progressive ideals that benefit all, while maintaining what we love about our rural/suburban paradise that is Western Loudoun and Clarke Counties. She’s a home schooler and was raised as a Quaker. She speaks plainly and boldly. I think she does best in small groups. I have yet to see her debate another candidate. She would not be my delegate because of the district configurations. I look forward to watching her trajectory in her race against Minchew.” Nancy Polo

“Wendy Gooditis answered a call to run: she is an exciting example of the new kind of citizen-legislator who wants to ensure that the basic needs of her constituents will be met so that working people can better provide for their families.” —Debbie Winstead


The Race

Funds Raised (VPAP last checked 5/16/17)

Gooditis, Wendy (D) $8,869  
Minchew, Randy* (R) $38,803