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Richmond resident and graduate of the University of Richmond, Schuyler VanValkenburg is contesting a seat that had been held for a decade by Republican Jimmie Massie. This seat has not been contested by anyone since Massie first won in 2007. Hillary Clinton beat Trump in this district, so it it is officially a “swing” or winnable district. Voter turn out has historically been low, so a Democratic get out the vote effort for the campaign could make all the difference.

He is a teacher in the Henrico County public schools. As his campaign website states, “Schuyler VanValkenburg’s experience growing up in small industrial town, attending the University of Richmond, and teaching in Henrico County, have all invigorated him in the fight to make Virginia a national leader in education in order to expand opportunity for all Virginians.”


  • Fight gerrymandering and voter suppression
  • Update the tax code and end tax breaks for special interests
  • Promote infrastructure spending to create jobs
  • Expand Medicaid in Virginia
  • Provide school funding to raise teacher salaries, better school quality, and update curricula for the 21st century and gradually expand pre-K
  • End institutionalized racism by reforming the criminal justice system
  • Fight to end the gender pay gap and promote child leave policies

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Article by Shuyler published on “Trump Budget Would Damage Education, Economy in Henrico County

District Snapshot

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  • Residents = 80,010
  • Active Registered Voters = 51,466
  • Percent Registered = 64%
  • Total Vote in Last District 58 Race = 13,644
  • Participation Rate = 27%
  • Total Vote for Republican last Race = 13,644
  • Total Vote for Democrat last Race = 0
  • Localities = Henrico County

There are 28 rather gerrymandered precincts in Henrico County, There are 15 precincts that perform worse than the 27% participation rate across the district. Of those 7 precincts have more than 2,000 Active Voters. 2 of those have more than 3,000 Active Voters; Coalpit and Dumbarton. At a 27% participation rate overall opportunities abound!


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