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Lee Carter
Lee J Carter

Lee Carter is an IT specialist who lives in the City of Manassas. Lee, his wife, and daughter moved to the area more than a year ago after falling in love with the community. Lee originally moved to Virginia in 2011, after completing five years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

He is also a graduate of the Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership.


He is an active member of the Manassas City Democratic Committee, and spends much of his time working as a community organizer and activist – particularly in the areas of affordable housing and worker protections.


Our Revolution

“Mr. Carter has one idea in mind: to better Virginia. His ideas are focused entirely on making the lives of Virginians better, no ideological mush in between” — Bheema D Cashman


Money Raised by Candidates

Miller, Jackson* (R) $140,109

Parrish, Hal (R) $0

Carter, Lee J. (D) $12,662



Information courtesy of the VPAP (VA District 50)

District 50 is being contested by a Democratic candidate this cycle. The seat is currently held by Republican Jackson Miller. This seat was challenged by a Democrat in the last cycle. In that race Miller won by just a 2,336 vote margin out of 13,304 cast.


Courtesy of the Full State Project by Donald Braden


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