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Elizabeth Guzman
Elizabeth Guzman

Guzman a social services manager for the City of Alexandria and a mother of four.  A political newcomer who immigrated to Northern Virginia from Peru several years ago, Elizabeth is seeking to be the first Latina elected to the General Assembly.

Key Issues

Education: Supports public education. Seeking more guidance counselors or social workers for students

Healthcare: For medicaid expansion in Virginia

Jobs: Seeking an increase in the minimum wage and promotes economic development closer to home to cut down on long commutes

Protection of the Environment and Rural Areas: Supports landmarks, family farms, and natural spaces

Drivers Licenses: for all Virginia drivers regardless of immigration status

Veterans: Increase funding and create new programs to support veterans’ mental health, prevent substance abuse, and stabilize their finances

The Race

Candidate Raised
Brown, BJ (R) $919
Lingamfelter, Scott* (R) $76,276
Guzman, Elizabeth (D) $10,255
Townsend, Sara (D) $0