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Why are you running to be a delegate for the General Assembly?

The incumbent has become disconnected from the voters in the 32nd District. He routinely votes against our values, is dismissive of our concerns, and has repeatedly voted for right-wing measures that provide fuel to the racist, anti-women, anti-immigrant, and anti-equality messages espoused at the national level. These are not the values of the 32nd District, Loudoun County, or Virginia, and it’s time for change.

What qualities, characteristics, talents, or experience do you bring that would make you an effective delegate for your district?

Raised in an impoverished area of Virginia, I understand how an affordable college education can break the cycle of poverty and provide all our citizens with an opportunity to succeed.
My 23 years of service in the Navy Reserve taught me the values of honor, courage, and commitment as well as the importance of leadership, honesty, and integrity.
My 30 years of experience in the business community has taught me the value of collaboration and working together to generate positive results. These skills are essential to finding long-term solutions for the issues affecting Loudoun County residents. The incumbent has been disrespectful to groups and individuals that don’t share his extreme views and he votes lockstep with GOP leadership.

What are the 2 to 3 issues on which you feel most passionate that you would want your district constituents to base their votes?

Fighting for Our Fair Share – the incumbent sits on the Appropriations Committee, but has been ineffective bringing our fair share of funding back to Loudoun County. This affects our ability to address our transportation and education needs—such as easing the burden of tolls for Eastern Loudoun families and implementing full-day kindergarten for every student in Loudoun County.

Stand Up to Extremism – the incumbent has repeatedly voted for extreme measures that are not representative of the values of our diverse and inclusive community. He has voted for anti-immigrant measures, voter suppression legislation, voted against women’s healthcare and equality, and failed to speak out against Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban. This is not leadership and I hope that the voters of the 32nd District will hold him accountable for his both his silence and his voting record.

What positions separate you from the other candidate?

Service – My focus is on service to the community and the people of Loudoun County. My opponent’s votes, his actions, and his inaction demonstrate that his vote is owned by the Republican leadership. He votes against Loudoun County interests and has been ineffective at bringing our tax dollars back to address our local needs.
Our diversity is our strength – Like the national Republican Party, the incumbent has voted for anti-immigrant measures; anti-women measures; anti-equality measures; and voter suppression measures targeted at new Americans. I recognize and embrace that our diversity as a nation is our heritage and our strength.

What bill would you cosponsor that the main patron is a Republican?

To help grow the economy across the entire state, and to increase the fair share of tax dollars returning to Loudoun County, I would reach across the aisle to create a Rural Economic Development Council, Commission, or Study to identify ways to improve the local economies of Southern Virginia. As an analyst in the defense industry, I have spent years focused on analyzing complex data and information to derive fact-based solutions. I look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats across the state to bring more evidence-based policy-making to Richmond.