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This is Chris Collins’s first re-election bid for House District 29. While he is in his first term and has not directly sponsored an egregious bill, he votes lockstep with his party, regardless of his constituents’ preferences.

Voted party block on the following:

  • HB 2025 – Religious Freedom Bill – public employees and those receiving public funds could refuse service to anyone they didn’t agree with on a religious basis (
  • HR 268 – Establishing “Day of Tears” to shame women who have had abortions since Roe v. Wade (
  • HR 2264 – Restrict funds for safe, legal abortion services and other family planning centers and services (
  • HB 1428 – Voter Identification (
  • SB 872 – Voter Identification (
  • HB 1468 – Requiring local law enforcement to act ICE agents (
  • HB 2000 – Prohibit Sanctuary Cities (
  • HB 2002 – Requires non-profit resettlement organizations to report on refugee date to the Department of Social Services, overstepping federal law(
  • HB 2411 – Resets VA for participating in the Affordable Care Act to pre-ACA levels (
  • SB 1240 – Establish Virtual School Program in VA (
  • HB 1974 – Requires the Department of Environmental Quality to receive approval from the General Assembly for a state implementation plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants prior to submitting the plan to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (

Bill he sponsored that sucks:

  • HB 963 – Anti-abortion 20-week ban (

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