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Lindsey Davis Stover, is a communications strategist and former liaison for veterans affairs in the Obama administration. She grew up in the Houston area and now lives in Mclean with her husband Jeremy and their two daughters. She worked for 10-term Texas congressman Chet Edwards, becoming his chief of staff. Lindsey is passionate about ensuring veterans have the support they need. She has a master’s degree in public administration from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.


  • Fought to have a state-run primary for the Democrats running for District 10, and she opposes the Republican’s voter suppression tactics.
  • Calls for investments in workforce training and higher education to support job creation in sectors such as IT, clean energy, and cyber security.
  • Healthcare as a right, not a privilege. Would protect the Affordable Healthcare Act and medicaid expansion.
  • Supports public education, universal pre-k, increased teacher pay, investments in community college, and help for students burdened by student loans.
  • Pro-choice and pro planned parenthood.
  • Supports the 2nd amendment but is for common sense gun laws including a renewed ban on assault weapons.



Gov. Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico
Leslie Blackburn, Berryville resident and Clarke County Democrat
Addie Lingle, ran for Commissioner of Revenue of Winchester
Wendy Davis, Champion for woman’s rights
David Smith, Mayor of Winchester
Kate Wallace, Emerge Alum
Roger Baker, Obama administration alum
Linda McCray, Veteran, working mom and community activist in Leesburg, VA.
Marci Love Thomas, Veteran, children’s soccer coach and fellow Sunday School teacher in McLean, VA.
Christy Mistr, working mom, small business owner, and community volunteer in Upperville, VA.
Edward Meagher, Veteran and Businessman in McLean, VA.
Jennifer Adelli, working mom, small business owner, community volunteer in Great Falls, VA.
The Singh Family who are proud parents in Fairfax Station, VA.
Lea Ann Edwards, former PTA President at Langley High School in McLean, VA.
Jennifer and Darin Walsh, working parents in McLean, VA.

“Lindsey has exactly the attributes we need in a Congresswoman to help finally bring needed changes to our gun laws. She’s courageous. She’s a hard worker. She can talk to everyone and discriminates against no one. And she knows how important it is to keep guns out of the hands of violent offenders, domestic abusers, suspected terrorists, and the dangerously mentally ill.” (Read More)
—Jason Lindsay, executive director of the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence

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