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Dr. Julia Biggins is a scientist who studies infectious diseases. She pledges to have town halls and not run away from constituents. She is running to make sure science and fact-based policy choices are being made in Congress. Her mission statement reads: “We aim to run a clean, honest, and strong campaign. We will stand up for the people who have, for too long, taken a back seat to the special interests who own our politicians. We will fight for the equal and civil rights of all Americans, immigrants, and visitors of our great country.

Her FEC filing to be a candidate has Biggins for Virginia located in Manassas, VA.

Writes Julia: “I am the scientist who will replace the anti-science congresswoman on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.”


  • Affordable healthcare for all Americans
  • Cut back on wasteful spending (but doesn’t say what this might be)
  • Justice system reform: sentencing reform, increased police accountability, reduced sentencing for non-violent offenders, and restoration of full civil and voting rights once a sentence is served.
  • Vocational schools and community college should be free or subsidized
  • Combat global warming and invest in clean, renewable energy
  • Fully fund the state department and secure a safer America through diplomacy, commerce, and economic development
  • For a $15 minimum wage
  • Equal protection for LGBT, women, minorities and protect immigrants from persecution