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Deep Sran, Ashburn resident and founder of the Loudoun School for the Gifted,  made education a key issue for his campaign.

Dear Friends,

When I entered the Virginia 10th Congressional District primary race last summer, I did so with hope and optimism for the future. After consulting with my family and friends, I have decided to end my campaign for the Democratic nomination. And while it is difficult to write these words, I do so with that same hope and optimism.

I want to thank my wife, daughters, friends, staff, and community for all of their sacrifice and work. Together, we ran a campaign that was about listening to the people of the 10th District. I was able to talk about vision and long-term solutions in a time of anxiety and division. And I had a chance to share how important a positive, shared vision is to the future of this country.

I will continue to work for true education reform through innovation and greater equity, to prepare the next generation of leaders and to build a better world. I will also continue to work for more representative government, so minority and marginalized communities are engaged and heard. I will build on the work we’ve done to show that politics must be about finding common ground to implement policies that leave our children and grandchildren a better world.

While this campaign comes to a close, I leave with justified optimism about the future of our country and hope that the grassroots activism and progressive leadership I’ve seen over the past year will lead us to a brighter future.

There is no us and them, there is only us. Let’s do great things.



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