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Dan Helmer is a West Point graduate and Rhodes Scholar, former U.S. Army major and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After his time in the military he became a management consultant, and is still an Army reservist. He lives in Fairfax, VA with his wife Karen, who is a school teacher, and their two boys. He is the son and grandson of Jewish immigrants who came to America as refugees after surviving the Holocaust. Their experience, he has said, underscores his belief that the “… American Dream, belongs to all of us – no matter our color, our religion, where we were born, or whom we love.”

Dan says he felt compelled to run after Trump was elected, and he was also recruited by New Politics, a bipartisan group supporting military veterans to run for office.


  • Economy: jobs, improve regulatory environment on businesses, and protect consumers
  • Energy and the Environment: encourage investment in renewable energy, secure and efficient electricity distribution, and updated transportation infrastructure.
  • Safety and Security: Maintain strong alliances, support our troops with training and equipment, destroy ISIS, and prevent nuclear proliferation.
  • Guns: supports responsible firearm ownership and common-sense gun laws
  • Healthcare: Supports the ACA and expanded medicaid. Seeks to lower healthcare costs and ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare.
  • Pro Choice and supports Planned Parenthood
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare
  • Anti-Discrimination: Will fight discrimination and supports LGBTQ rights and equal pay for equal work
  • Immigration: will advocate in Congress for justly-administered, orderly, and welcoming immigration policies
  • Education: Will work to make college more affordable
  • Protect the Constitution: Dan will work to restore Congress’ role in ensuring oversight of the President and protection of our Constitutional rights.


“As the son and grandson of immigrants, who wore the uniform of the United States, Dan Helmer is as American as it gets. He has what it takes to win, and go on to serve Virginia in Congress,” said Rick Hegdahl, Veterans Outreach Director for VoteVets PAC


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