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Vangie Williams is not a career politician. She is a strategic planner, with a degree in federal contracts and acquisitions, who has solved problems for the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, and NASA. A wife and mother of six daughters, Vangie is from King George in the heart of the 1st District. I’m a wife. I’m a mother


  • Military: Proposes revamping the U.S. military to handle decentralized threats. She will introduce legislation to transform medical care for members of our armed services, their families, and veterans into a Medicare-style program.
  • Immigration: Would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for green cards and have a path to citizenship depending on their length of time in the country and whether or not they have paid taxes.
  • Environment: Would pursue policies protecting clean air, clean water, and promoting green technologies for energy generation such as wind and solar farms.
  • Education: Vangie will work with educators, advocates, and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to implement national standards that advance quality education in all corners of our nation. Would change the current national standards for K-12 education and provide student loan debt relief.Healthcare: Put people before profits and work to ensure everyone has access to affordable health care.


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