Episose 43 – Tim Cywinski of Virginia 21

At the 2018 Women’s Summit, David Pratt spoke with Tim Cywinski, Director of Civic Engagement at Virginia21. Virginia21 is a nonprofit that engages young people in the political process in Virginia by providing information, directing advocacy and coordinating political action on a non-partisan platform that includes higher education, student health and safety, and economic development. Tim is responsible for coordinating action among all Virginia21 leaders, managing the organization’s program, and building relationships with other like-minded organizations and the press. He travels around the state speaking to Millennials and others about the political process and their role in it.

Tim participated in the February 10th Virginians for Electoral Justice roundtable discussion, which you can read about here.  Tim discussed the need to ensure that young people have a voice at the table where decisions are being made. Grassroots lobbying can influence legislators, Tim knows, pointing to Medicaid expansion. One of the key issues for young people is the exploding costs of higher education.

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