Episode 47 – Ted Willard from Swing Left Howard County MD

Ted Willard came back to Winchester, VA for the nth time to canvass as a member of Swing Left Howard County, MD. His group is one of the more active Swing Left groups in our area. Because Howard County is strongly Democratic, they have opted to volunteer their time on Virginia’s 10th congressional district. As Ted explains in this podcast interview, his group also decided to support Virginia delegate races in 2017 because it was only common sense. It’s about a two hour drive to Winchester, but about once a month for the past nearly two years, as many as 9 people from Howard county have come out to Winchester to go door to door to register voters. We are very grateful to them for showing up and making such a commitment.

Ted and David talked about the importance of grassroots activism and focusing on issues that matter to voters, not just the mechanical process of campaigns.

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