Episode 46: Kate and Amy from Rowan Tree in Reston, VA

This is the final interview from the 2018 Women’s Summit. See you next year!

I talked to the founders of Rowan Tree, Amy Dagliano and Kate Viggiano Janich. Rowan Tree, in Reston, is a coworking style space where busy women can meet and work in environment that promotes wellness and creativity. Some folks might be familiar with start-up incubators where entrepreneurs can find a place to work and collaborate with like-minded people. Rowan Tree could be an ideal place for activists with big plans who need a work space. There is also an online community begin built where Rowan Tree members can share design templates, how-to’s and other resources.



From the Website description: Imagine working in a warm and inviting space full of color and natural light. Where you can work in an open space and share ideas, or work quietly and take a private phone call. Where you can take a break to do some yoga on-site, or borrow some paint and create something (paint by number totally counts!). Where you can sit on some comfy couches with your coffee and brainstorm, or use a team room for a group effort, or concentrate in our quiet “focus zone” when you really need to get ‘er done.

A “coffee shop coworking” style, our space is built for busy women who want their work experience to be wrapped in wellness and creativity. We know convenience plays a large part of keeping balance.

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