Episode 44 – Ian Serotkin for Loudoun County School Board

David Pratt and Kacey Young interviewed Ian Serotkin at the 2018 Women’s Summit. Ian is running for the Blue Ridge district of the 9-seat Loudoun County School board in a 2019 election. As a parent of two children in elementary school, Ian was motivated to run to reduce class sizes which can be as high as 31 students in a class. And as an engineer, he feels that more people in the sciences and engineering should run for office at all levels of government.

He discussed school budgets in Loudoun, and the fact that the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors continue to cut taxes which results in downward pressure on school budgets. If Loudoun County wants to be among the top public schools in Virginia, in his view, it must invest more in the schools, and do a better job of taking the best ideas and education experiments that arise from charter schools and use them throughout the school system.

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NOTE: It takes money and volunteers to win a campaign. Ian will face Republican Ram Venkatachalam. You can donate to Ian’s campaign from his Facebook page.

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