Plus3 FAQs

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1. Questions about the Plus3 Program

2. Questions about Communicating/Interacting with Voters

3. Questions on How the Voter Portal Works

Questions About The Plus3 Program

Q: How can I get in contact with the lead-volunteer for my district to answer a question?

A: If possible, please join your Facebook district group page.  You can pose a question there. The lead volunteer will be checking the page regularly to offer responses.  Other volunteers may answer your question or help.  If you’ve received an email from your district leader, you can reach him or her through that way as well.  If you cannot get in touch with your lead-volunteer, please write us at, and we will find a way to connect you.

Q: Should I ask others to join Plus3 as a volunteer?

A: By all means! This is one important way you can make an even bigger impact on the election.  Please do reach out to others and spread the word.  You can ask your lead-volunteer for the paper registration form or refer your friend to the following link where there is a short video about Plus3, a description of how the program works and a registration button:

Q: I heard there may be postcard writing parties, gatherings or happy hours as part of this program.  Where do I find out about those?

A: Check your Facebook district group page for announcements about events like this or email your group leader for more information. Facebook Group list:

Q: What if my personality just doesn’t seem to mesh with one of my voters?

A: Contact the lead-volunteer for your district as we may be able to find another volunteer who will take on that particular voter so that you can connect with different voter.

Questions about Communicating/Interacting with Voters

Q: What advice do you have on what to say on a postcard or generally in communicating to my voters?

A: You can find a sample postcard and examples of “scripts” under the “Volunteer Resources” section on the right hand side of our webpage here:  We have also posted a document there called “Volunteer Goals” which provides an outline of the objectives we have for you in contacting your voters.  For more help with this, contact your lead volunteer.

Q:  What do I say if a voter has a question about the candidate in my district?

A: Generally the best answer– unless you happen to have a deep understanding of the issue– is to say, “I do not know, but I am going to find out and get back to you”.  Then contact the lead-volunteer for your district who can help you get the answer.  Following through on this is very important as it will really help build the connection.

Q: Where can I find resources I might need such as the link to the absentee ballot application, a link to where my voters can go to update a registration, or find their polling place, etc.?

A: All of these resources and more are under the “Volunteer Resources” section on the right hand side of our webpage at this link:

Questions on How the Voter Portal Works

Q: Can I take contact information for more than three voters?

A: Absolutely!  The program was designed so that even busy people could make a meaningful contribution.  But many Plus3 volunteers enjoy contacting voters and/or simply have the time to do more.  You can log on to the voter portal at any time and get contact information for additional voters.  We do want to mention though that our aim is to not sacrifice thoroughness for quantity.  So, we want to do what we can to help each voter understand how important voting in this election is, answer any questions the voter may have, and help each voter overcome any barriers to actually getting the vote cast.  Each volunteer should strive to strike a balance between making sure to engage voters to maximize the certainty of a vote being cast and reaching out to additional voters.

Q: How many times should I reach out with no response back from a voter before giving up and getting another voter from the portal?

A: If there is no response at all after multiple polite attempts are made, it would likely make sense to note that information at the voter portal (select the button that says “no response”) and get the name of another voter. The specific number of attempts to connect with the voter across all modes of contact before giving up on that voter should be a context-specific judgment that you make individually or in collaboration with the lead-volunteer of your district.

Q: Why do some of my voters not have phone numbers?

A: Unfortunately, the database from which this data is pulled does not have a phone number for everyone.  Feel free to try to find a number for the voter elsewhere if you would like.

Q: Are there other ways aside from address and phone number to contact my voters?

A: about one in five voters will have an email address included in his/her contact information.  There may be other ways to try to find an email address for a voter, such as through programs like Email Hunter, if you want to try.  Consider also trying to connect through social media, like Facebook, etc.

Q: How often should I fill out and submit the Voter Survey Form at the Voter Portal?

A: In addition to helping get voters to cast their ballots this year, it is very important to report back what we learn about the voters.  This will help us in future elections as we attempt to build a reliable Democratic/progressive voter block in each Plus3 district. Please submit the survey at the voter portal regularly, at least once per week.

If your question is still not answered, write to us at the following link and we’ll respond as soon as possible: