People’s Caravan – What We Know Today

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Last updated: Sunday June 24th (Caravan rolls out  July 7th)

The Border

Kids lose their toys at the border before they are placed in detention: 

Washington DC/National

Rally at White House July 30th

Where are the Girls? (Vox)
ICE plans to destroy records of abuse (ACLU)

Kids are suffering emotional trauma. One doctor’s account.


The Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition said four shelters in Virginia and two in Maryland are designated to receive unaccompanied migrant children. Some separated migrant children are also living in foster homes in Maryland.

CAIR will accept donations from the People’s Caravan such as art supplies and books for the juveniles they are in touch with.

Winchester, VA (stop on the Caravan)

Photo by Onofrio Castiglia/Winchester Star

Held a vigil in support of the children detained by ICE Wednesday June 24. Two pickup truck loads of donated toys, clothing, books, cart supplies collected so far.

Leesburg, VA

Vigil Wednesday

Harrisonburg, VA

Charlottesville, VA

Ashburn, VA

Staunton, VA

  • Allegations of abuse of migrant kids detained at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Center
  • Senators Kaine and Warner seek more information
  • Governor Northam directs Attorney General Mark Herring to seek more information

(Source: USA TODAY) The Shenandoah lockup is one of only three juvenile detention facilities in the United States with federal contracts to provide “secure placement” for immigrant children who had problems at less-restrictive housing.

Since 2007, about half the 58 beds are occupied by male and female immigrants between the ages of 12 and 17 facing deportation proceedings or awaiting rulings on asylum claims. It received $4.2 million in federal funds last year to house the immigrant children.

On average, 92 immigrant children each year cycle through Shenandoah, most of them from Mexico and Central America. Though incarcerated in a facility similar to a prison, the children detained on administrative immigration charges have not yet been convicted of any crime.

Bristow, VA

  • Youth For Tomorrow is a facility sheltering dozens of migrant children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Most arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border alone, he said, but about 15 had traveled with parents.
  • We are told by some advocacy groups that this is a facility that is doing a good job of taking care of kids and that we SHOULD NOT protest or approach the facility, so that’s we will honor that request
  • Tim Kaine Toured the facility on Saturday
  • Delegate Lee Carter asked if there were any children there separated from their families there and was lied to. There are. Why did they lie?
  • Some Latino groups are able to get donations into the hands of kids there
  • Silent Video of inside the facility

Farmville, VA

Detention Facility houses 600 mostly male migrants. Likely no children at Farmville, but that’s not why we are going there. We’re going there to highlight the ICE incarceration complex that has been built up in our state and other states. End ICE. Regional jails should end cooperation with ICE and cancel their ICE contracts for housing migrants.

Press about our caravan from local Farmville paper.

LaColectiVA video of a protest outside of Farmville last year

Alexandria/Falls Church

  • They have agreed to cancel their contract with ICE because activists showed up in Alexandria and protested!

Protests around the Country

In LA Families Belong Together register voters, collect toys and other donations for children in detention in San Diego

In Chicago

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