Messages Campaign for the People’s Caravan

Here’s an idea to get thousands of messages to lawmakers to expand medicaid written by citizens ahead of the People’s Caravan that is slated for President’s Day, February 19th, 2018.

Medicaid expansion would cover roughly 400,000 low-income adults in Virginia and has the backing of the state’s hospitals and advocacy groups.

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Leave a message electronically using this form. We will print them all out and add them to the pile. 

USE Collection Boxes

Ask for permission to place a collection box for messages in churches, coffee shops, and other high visibility locations. Use this sign, or make your own box, to explain what the box is for. You can use…

  • Shoe boxes (ask a shoe store if you can have some that they don’t need.
  • Tissue boxes
  • Empty coffee cans
  • Small packaging boxes from Amazon or other retailers. You can paint over the original packaging or cover it with paper.

Create a slot or opening in the box where people can drop their messages.  Leave a memo pad, a stack of papers (postcard sized is fine) or index cards next to the box. You might also tape an example message to the outside of the box. Make it personal. For example:
“Dear Delegates and Senators of Virginia, I know plenty of people without insurance, and their lives would be better if they were covered by Medicaid. Have you no mercy? Have you no empathy? Do the right thing. We the people sent you to Richmond to represent us.”

Once you have placed your boxes, with permission, come back and collect the messages by Sunday Feb. 18th. Keep the messages in a safe place for the day of the People’s Caravan Feb. 19th.

Turn paper slips into little scrolls. If you have the time or inclination, roll paper messages into scrolls that you can secure with a rubber band or a piece of ribbon or string. This might be a fun group activity. The reason for doing this is to make an impressive bulky pile of messages. Making these scrolls can also be an activity for the caravaners while they drive down the road.

Messages on Stones

If you have a supply of small rocks or river stones handy. Consider writing powerful messages in a few words on a rock with paint or markers.  Or, wrap a message around a rock and secure with a ribbon or rubber band. A message written on a stone might say:

Do the right thing!

Healthcare for All

I have travelled far to bring you a prayer.

This idea is inspired by the rocks left by pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago.

Where to get stones:

Delivering the Messages to the Caravan

Bring them yourselves to one of the caravan stops during the 15 minutes that the cars and trucks will stop to collect messages. Or drop them off at one of the collection points ahead of time. (To be announced)


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