Fighting the Pipelines: ACP and Mountain Valley Pipeline


Two proposed fracked natural gas pipelines threaten our clean water, clean air, and property rights. The 42″ diameter Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) would cut across 600 miles of Central Virginia and requires a 125′ wide swath of clearcuts and excavation over 2,000+ parcels of private property. The ACP and Mountain Valley Pipeline in Southern Virginia would cross more than 1,100 streams and rivers, including trout streams. The ACP could impact the water for 13.8 million Virginians.

Cost: $7 billion billed to Dominion Power customers while the energy company stands to make many billions of dollars.

Instead of the typical series of compressor stations every 20 miles along the pipeline, the ACP will be powered by a single mammoth 57,000 HP compressor station whose site sits in the middle of a historically African-American community in Buckingham County. This compression station is essentially and industrial site that will produce noise 24/7 equivalent to four diesel locomotive engines audible as far as one mile away. Air pollution resulting from leaks of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides can lead impair the health and breathing of nearby residents, potentially causing lung damage, skin rashes, headaches, dizziness, neurological problems and cancer.

Should this compressor station ever explode, and they sometimes do, given its size, it would kill many people and blow up houses in the surrounding area.

These Pipelines Are Not Needed

  • Most of the natural gas that will pass through the pipelines is destined for export
  • Don’t believe the hype about “jobs.” There aren’t many jobs associated with building these pipelines. The tree cutters along the pipeline route are all from out of state, and any jobs are temporary.
  • Existing pipelines heading to Northern ports can handle the volume of gas being fracked in Ohio and West Virginia
  • America’s energy future lies in renewable energy technologies of wind, solar and other techniques.

How Did This Happen?

Greed. Dominion Power wields enormous political power in the Commonwealth of Virginia after two decades of funding politicians’ campaigns and sending lobbyists to Richmond to write laws. Former Governor Terry McAuliffe backed the pipelines, and also accepted a secret $58 million payment to a cast of entities in exchange for releasing Old Dominion from any damages should the occur. Governor Northam was challenged to oppose the pipelines but from his public statements he seems OK with them.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approved the pipelines despite serious shortcomings in the process for verifying their environmental impact.

Take Action

DONATE to or follow front-line groups fighting the pipelines and help defray their costs:

SUPPORT Senator Tim Kaine’s Letter asking for a rehearing on the pipelines from FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

CALL AND WRITE Governor Ralph Northam and your Virginia legislators.

Governor Ralph Northam
PO Box 1475
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 804-786-2211

STAND WITH RED TERRY who is galvanizing anti-pipeline protesters by her courageous act of tree-sitting.

What I Saw on a Bus Trip to Buckingham County

By Ali Symons

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