Electoral Justice Checklist

  1. Know the stakes in every election & vote in every election
  2. Make a plan to vote:
    • What time will you vote?
    • Where is your polling place?
    • Who will you vote for each office on the ballot (print a sample ballot if needed)
  3. Vote absentee if you can to bank the vote. You can track your absentee ballot online (middle of this gov. page)
    • Deadline to register to vote, or update an existing registration, is 22 days before the election
    • Deadline to request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you is 5:00 p.m. 10 days before the election
    • Deadline for voting in-person by absentee ballot until 3 days before the election. Registrars’ offices are typically open 9-5 M-F.
    • Deadline: 7 PM the day of the election for the registrar to pick up absentee ballots from the Post Office. Visit the post office late afternoon on Election Day to verify that they have been picked up.
    • Fight for a “no excuse” absentee voting law in Virginia which is another way of saying “early voting.”
  4. Consider playing one of these vital roles on Election Day:
    1. Serve as an election officer.
      • You will be able to observe and possibly mitigate any issues with the election.
      • For anyone who forgot their photo ID to vote and don’t plan to come back, you can get them to vote provisionally. In the event of a recount, these people have until Friday after the election to go the the registrar’s office and verify their provisional ballot with a photo ID.
      • For anyone who believes they live in a different precinct, you can consult the official precinct map. If they right, you can direct them to a provisional ballot
      • Election officers also count ballots
    2. Serve as a poll watcher outside the poll, handing out sample ballots. This can boost the vote by 4%.
  5. Contact a legal SWAT Team (TBD) if you hear of ANY issues with the election. This rapid response can make the difference between winning or losing an election.

Throughout the year:

  • Contribute to a legal fund for challenging election results if needed.
  • Register voters and verify statuses by participating in door-to-door voter registration drives to counter voter suppression tactics such as gerrymandering, voter IDs, voter roll purges, closing down of polling places, and challenges to registered voters names perfectly matching their voter IDs.
  • Track bills and get to know your candidates running for office
  • Contribute to your preferred candidates with a monthly “set and forget” amount which will help them fund electoral justice strategies on election day


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