Die In for Clean Air and Water July 8 2018

Marilyn Karp writes: “It was the best die in I have ever done. All the speeches were wonderful. We got 6 or 7 strangers who stopped to watch to join us. The most touching moment was when Ruby Laury from Union Hill spoke and said she will never stop fighting for her families health. Three young activists came who had chained themselves to other pipelines in Louisiana and North Dakota.

People came from all over Virginia and West Virginia.

Afterward about 30 of us maybe more sat all together and had food and great conversations. We talked about what to do next.”

Pic from the Die-In yesterday at the Bell Tower in Richmond. People came from all over. What we need to do is to make stopping the pipelines more visible all over Virginia. We need to get writing, emailing, texting, faxing Northam. So right now he is not appointing people to the 2 vacant seats on the Citizen’s Water Control Board. And in addition, they are using a delaying tactic and saying they won’t meet until Aug 21. In that time frame, the pipelines will go from a third finished to a half finished. This is what is driving people like Red Terry, Minor Terry, and Emily Satterwhite to live in trees for 34 and 33 days and to chain herself to excavator equipment for 14th hours. We can’t let this go on in Virginia.
1. Call Governor Northam, (804)-786-2211, and ask him to reappoint Roberta Kellam to the State Water Control Board (SWCB) immediately in recognition of her experience, knowledge, and fairness in her oversight of water safety standards. (Her term was up June 30).
2. Email the SWCB at citizenboards@deq.virginia.gov and ask them to call a meeting immediately for board consideration to revoke 401 certifications for MVP and ACP based on the 20 violations reported by citizen monitors to DEQ.
3. Contact your Virginia Delegate and Senator and ask them whether they support pipelines or democracy. What specifically are they are doing this week to address DEQ’s failure to monitor MVP?
#NoMVP #NoACP #BeLikeNutty #StandwithRed

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