Decorating Vehicles for the People’s Caravan

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Lettering on Car WINDOWS

Liquid Glass Chalk or window markers are good for writing on rear windows and side windows. (walmart)  Just be sure you find ones that are specifically designed for use on car windows so you don’t ruin your glass.  Avoid writing on the body of the car and leave enough windshield space for the driver to see clearly.

You can also use painter’s masking tape which comes off easily.

Rubberized car paint

If you are confident in this new kind of rubberized paint, you can paint it directly on your car. It’s not supposed to hurt your paint job if you remove it in a few days. Note: I haven’t tested it.



Make fringe to go along the bottom of your car by cutting felt, and old vinyl table cloth, or other material.

Blow up balloons and use twist ties to secure then to string, then secure the string to your vehicle.


Poster Signs

Secure any poster board signs with zip ties, twist ties, or other twisty things so they can’t blow off. You might also seal their edges down with masking tape so the wind doesn’t catch them so easily.



Parade Pomps

Pomps made of tissue paper and other materials are the best decorations for parade floats. Just bunch up the squares and poke through the chicken wire to create colorful and dimensional displays, spelling out school names, logos, or pictures.


Don’t use magnets please.

If there are any traces of dirt particles on your car, more than likely the magnets will cause scratches.

Because when your car is moving the magnets will be at least vibrating if not shifting a bit, and with the dirt underneath it makes good sandpaper!

Don’t display the American flag upside down, or at half mast or let it drag on the ground. See this post on flag etiquette.

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